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Body Novelties non-piercing Intimate Jewelry Lingerie is recommended for those women who have nipples which easily stay erect, or are prominent most of the time naturally. Our designs can help to encourage a more distinct nipple for those women who have little nipples. This beautiful product encourages and enhances your sex appeal beautifully. 

So take it off!!


Our Intimate Jewelry Lingerie are designed with a non-piercing stretchable nipple clasp that has a small bead to cinch to your desired tightness and fit. This Jewelry can also be worn with piercings as well. Simple erect one nipple at a time and loosen the bead cinch to allow nipple to fit into the stretchable loop. Once Nipple is inside loop hold onto nipple and stretch outward slightly, while cinching up the bead slowly to your desired tightness. For first timers be patient, if assistance is needed we encourage partners to help.

NOTE: Please remember you should NOT pull or yanked on your jewelry. Doing so will result in breakage. Hot tubs may also contain chemicals that  can damage pearls and other semi-precious stones.

**This adult product should not be worn for long periods of time. This is a novelty item and is designed for "play".

Bold and Beautiful that's what these panties say. Exclusively made by Designer Anna Dempsay these exotic g-string Pearl Panties have an adjust-ability up to 46" (longer or short length can be requested.)

Lay your pearl panties out before putting them on. (This does make it easier.) Each pair of panties has 4 hooks two located on the front of the panties and two found on each end of the hip chain. First, adjust your size by hooking the chain to the front hooks so that panties are securely fitted, making sure the back and front of panties are centered correctly. (Remember this is jewelry so take care as to how tight you make them, you want them to be able to move with you not restrict you) Next, take the second hooks located at the end of the remaining chain and hook to the back side  of the panties and through the hip chain to create a sleek look on each side.

We encourage partners to help if needed.
Panties can be washed with soap and water but dry immediately. We caution the use of these panties in hot tubs as the chemicals can break down the pearls  and jewelry after a while.

Intimate Non-piercing Tops
Pearl Panties
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